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In a written event, make sure the length of a section reflects the % of the score.  For example, if a section is worth 8 points, it should be longer than the section worth 4 points.

The Executive Summary is probably the most important page. 

Students should be aggressive in shaking hands and introducing themselves to a judge.  If a team is competing, one person should introduce the entire team.  Also, write the judge’s name down and use it throughout the event.  Stand during the presentation.  Don’t talk to the visuals (don’t read them).  Also, use the “Vannah White” system where someone gestures to exhibits as the speaker is talking.  Don’t point; use the 2 finger gesture.

Have a “Dress for Competition Day” at school and have team members wear what they think is appropriate to wear to their event, then have the teacher critique them.  Teams should dress in uniform-type attire (clothing should be the same for each person or very close to the same).

Use appropriate marketing terms as often as possible when speaking to a judge.

Leave on a positive note.  Use the judges name at the end and ask “When can we expect the approval on this project so that we can get started.”  (if that is appropriate).  Thank them, shake hands, leave.